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Scott 18

Scott Drisdelle

Scott Drisdelle, RMT graduated from Foothills School of Massage in 1994. He brings a wealth of experience in therapeutic massage to our team. Although he has only been in Medicine Hat for a few years, he has developed a reputation for providing professional and effective deep tissue muscle therapy. Scott specializes in chronic conditions such as whiplash, back injuries, and arthritis. He performs his therapy in such a fashion that clients notice very little discomfort during their treatment.

Scott opened his first massage clinic in Calgary shortly after he graduated, specializing in whiplash injuries. This led to him opening another 2 clinics with in the following 3 years. Due to medical reasons he was forced to leave these clinics. During his medical leave fighting cancer (of which he is now free) he kept himself busy by publishing a novel. This was something he had long dreamed of doing one day, which became a reality. Scott published his novel called "The Finding of Doc Jack in 2011, under a pen name. The writings have gained the attention to film production companies worldwide. The novel has sold over 2000 copies since with 100 being sold here in Medicine Hat. Scott is often known by the nick name of “Doc” which stems from his writings.

To quote Scott, “Deep therapeutic massage does not mean having to cause pain to relieve it.”